Happy New Year from Loqui!
Sunday, January 03, 2010
Lots of new news to kick off 2010...

You may have noticed it’s been a while since you last heard from us. The reason for this is not that we’ve been resting on our laurels and eating pies, oh no. In fact we have been beavering away behind closed doors with the fantastic Bruce Wood at Touchwood Studios, and as a result are now at least halfway through making our debut album. We’re incredibly excited about how the tracks are shaping up, and are confident that the result will be, finally, the album that we’ve been promising to make for all these years. We’re planning to take our time with this one and make sure it’s as good is it can possibly be, but expect to hear something before the year is out.

A little something to warm your cockles on these shivery January evenings: a live recording of our frankly ludicrous version of the old Barry Manilow / Take That favourite ‘Could It Be Magic’. If you haven’t heard this on the odd occasion that we’ve trotted it out live, have a listen – it’s really quite an, um, thing. Go here.

Sadly, the album sessions are going to mark the point at which we say goodbye to our resident pie expert and ludicrously good drummer, Rich Laws. Rich moved back to his hometown of Weston-Super-Mare a while back, which is a stretch even for a band whose members are spread across Otley, Leeds, Bradford and Thurlstone (look it up. Actually, don’t bother). We wish him well.

What this means, of course, is that we’re in the market for a replacement. If you know your way around a kit, live somewhere around the West Yorkshire region and can stomach the idea of working with a set of self-centred egocentric primadonnas like us, apply within!

To whet your appetite for the upcoming album, go here for some videos of new songs taken from our last couple of gigs. Picture/sound quality is a tad rough’n’ready, but you’ll get the idea.

Lots of love,

New live acoustic tracks on Myspace
Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Go to our Myspace to hear two brand new and exclusive live acoustic songs. Once in a while we like to dispense with that loud and frightening electicity stuff and take to the stage armed with proper wooden guitars, mandolins, bongos and all manner of other archaic paraphenalia. None of your tedious MTV Unplugged busking here, our acoustic set is still louder than most bands plugged! Occasionally we even manage to record it, and that's where these two new tracks come from.

REMOTE CONTROL is a completely different version of a track that we put out as a demo a few years ago (also included on the compilation I Can't Believe It's Not Better). CONFECTIONARY LOVE, meanwhile, is a brand new song that will be appearing, in completely different form, on our debut album when we eventually get round to making it. Have a listen to them both - we wouldn't have put them up if we didn't think they sounded a bit special.

Meanwhile, we are recruiting new personnel and gearing up for our second single release. Watch this space...

Love Loqui

Hermes Pan - the new single 13 July
Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Please buy me
Hermes Pan, the new single from Loqui, will be released on Monday 13th July through Sturdy Records. It will be available through iTunes, or on limited edition 7" vinyl. Both versions will be backed with the band's unique cover of Randy Newman's I Think It's Going to Rain Today and an a capella version of the title track.

We will be launching the record with a rare gig at Joseph's Well in Leeds on Friday 10th July. Support will come from The Resplendents and Plastic Fuzz. It should be a very special night - come!

The single will be available at gigs and through selected shops nationwide, but you can pre-order your copy NOW by clicking this button here:

All Change!
Wednesday, April 09, 2008
We’ve had a number of staff changes recently so may I begin by bidding farewell to our long term collaborator and great chum Mr Ric Neale. Ric has finally stepped down from the box he stands on to reach the keyboard in order to concentrate on his own material which, I must say, is sounding very good. We all wish him the best of luck and thank him for his years of hard work with us, you’ll be missed! But, frankly, not for long as we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Warren from the WONDERFUL band Steer who will now be providing keyboards as well as vocals of such magnitude that the rest of us feel a little uncomfortable.
On a lighter note, congratulations to Lee and his lovely wife Sal who have just welcomed their baby daughter, Elana, into the world! I can confirm from first hand observations that she is gorgeous, and also very small…didn’t see that one coming. Anyhow, as Lee is now on “paternity leave” his miniscule void has been filled by none other than Dan McGlade, formerly of Bradford super-luvvies, ‘Rent’. We recently played 2 gigs with Dan, an acoustic outing at the Cardigan arms and a fully plugged set at The Packhorse and they sounded bloody wonderful if I do say so myself. In fact we like having Dan around so much that he may well become a permanent fixture…watch this space!
Also departing the circle of trust is Andy Harvey who, while still deciding which path to take, is certain that path lies away from Leeds. To say we are gutted to see Andy go is a huge understatement, his tub-thumping ability is unquestionable and, frankly, we had a laugh, though he does stink so at least that’s a bonus. Good luck Andy, in whatever you decide to do! Fortunately for us Andy found his own replacement in the form of young Rich. Rich plays with many, many bands including a Scissor Sisters tribute act, though he refuses to wear pink PVC for us. He is bloody good and made his debut at the Packhorse gig to wide praise.
So there we are, pretty sweeping changes but the result is a very special sound, we really feel that we’re on the top of our game at the moment and would like to invite you to come and judge for yourselves – we’ll be playing the 5th Anniversary of the Tea Time Shuffle (this one goes up to 11!) at The HiFi club in Friday 2nd May. As always it’s an early start, and tickets seem to be selling fast so pick yours up NOW from Jumbo or from one of the bands. Other acts allowing us to share the stage with them include: The Ric Neale Band, The Wind Up Birds and Napolean IIIrd with a full live band which is always a special occasion!
See you soon!
Reviews of the Single
We’ve had a few reviews for “Average White Boy”, a few of which are pointed out below for your reading pleasure. Obviously we’ve also had a few bad ones too: Kat ‘I hate everything’ Lister from the musical powerhouse that is Teletext compared the single to a bad version of Graceland by Paul Simon, though we still fared better than Mariah Carey.
“It’s fair to say that Leeds are now producing some great bands, and now boast their own ‘Music Scene’. Having already discovered a fantastic street punk band by the name of Guns On The Roof, I now have the Ska/Punk antics of Loqui, who are a fun packed band of hyperactive brass monkeys. They are a 7-piece band that were born from the ashes of Hull-based band, Vertigo Green in 2004, and after selling out an album last year of Loqui and Vertigo Green tracks, the band will release the new album, ‘All I’m Hearing Is Noise’ later in the year. If you take elements of Less Than Jake, Jesse James and King Prawn, smash and splash them together into a blender and then add a heavy does of Wheatus’ backing singers, then you may just about understand the music that Loqui produce.‘The Average White Boy’ starts off with some majestic guitar riffs and blasts of brass, that falls away for a slightly Clash verses Rancid verse that is simple and bouncy, building up to a catchy chorus that has some delicious female harmonies in the background that is the sugar to the rawness to singer Rob’s slightly punk vocals.Sometimes you get a great song and then a b-side stonker, however with, ‘Round And Round’, we get another great song that mixes The Pixes with a hint of Dancehall Crashers, in a simple structured, but hugely effective mid tempo song that loses non of the bouncing and harmonies of the first song.Loqui are a great fun band the mix up every type of happy music then surround it with a brass section, that doesn’t necessarily make the band sound Ska, but more a mix between Motown, classic Rhythm & Blues dragged into the contemporary music scene. Refreshing, pretty in-offensive and highly entertaining, Loqui are what music should be all about.”
“This song is anything but average. It fuses ska, punk and pop yet turns out not to be as excruciatingly painful as this suggests, which if nothing else makes this record a remarkable achievement. It is a long time since a combination that nowadays sounds like Less Then Jake actually harks back to a day when ska-punk was enjoyable. The title of the track even sounds like it was plundered from a Stranglers album.
Not everything about this is easy on the ear. The female backing vocals grate like they do in musical cheese-fest Grease, but then there’s something a little quaint and child-like about that, which is probably the intention. It is a quirky and original sound that will never be to everyone’s taste, but then this is a significant achievement in progression, something many bands would do well to take heed of.”

We also had this article from a lovely Italian website! Lord knows how they heard about us but Grazie Molto Italia! We love you, I’ve provided a cobbled together translation….
“L’avvio è convulso e grossolano, con quell’incipit di fiati sbrodolanti subito travolti dall’entusiasmo della sezione ritmica. Ma poi la chitarra si produce in una serie di accordi veloci e concavi del tipo che fecero la fortuna (si fa per dire) dei Woodentops, prima di un refrain in accelerazione che prepara il terreno per l’entusiasmante esplosione di voci in cima e fa ricominciare tutto dall’inizio. Si rimane travolti e un po’ confusi da “The Average White Boy”, e non si può dire che i Leedsiani Loqui abbiano scelto un singolo di basso profilo per un esordio atteso un lustro. Popjazzpunk spasmodico con il basso più veloce al di qua dell’elettronica, una voce (Rob Paul Chapman) dalla presenza ingombrante e frenetica, e la precipitosa ricerca della canzone pop più intensa che la storia ricordi, eccezion fatta per le pause concesse dal trombone. Viene in mente la felice anarchia della Band Of Holy Joy, con qualche chilo di incavolatura in meno.L’equilibrio è precario come è giusto che sia, ma anche nella meno lucida “Round And Round” la band riesce a ottenere un buon risultato, soprattutto grazie al lavoro delle chitarre che si attorcigliano su improbabili strutture rock mentre la sezione ritmica approssima il metallo (!).I Loqui, una felice accozzaglia di musicisti cittadini impegnati in gruppi jazz o carriere soliste, sono in sette, sono in giro dal 2002 e non potevano scegliere modo migliore per presentarsi al mondo.”

“The start is convulsive and raw with clearly swept-up breaths immediately giving away the rhythm section’s enthusiasm. Then the guitar produces a series of fast and hollow cords, it could be said, “in a style made famous by the Woodentops”, before slowing down in preparation for an enthusiastic explosion of voices, climaxing, and then starting over again from the beginning. You are blown away and a little confused by “The Average White Boy”; the Leeds outfit Loqui can’t be accused of having chosen a low profile single as their first excursion into the limelight. Spasmodic Popjazzpunk with speedy bass lines from the world of Electronica, a frenetic vocal (Rob Paul Chapman) with impeding presence, this is, except for brief rests bestowed by the trombone, a headlong search for the most intense pop song in history. The delightful anarchy of Band of Holy Joy, turned down a few thousand notches, comes to mind. The balance is precarious as one might expect, but even with the less polished “Round and Round” the band manages to achieve a good result overall, thanks mainly to the guitar work which twists and turns through improbable rock structures whilst the rhythm section goes almost Metal. Loqui are a happy rabble of 7 committed city jazz group and career soloist musicians who have been on the scene since 2002, and they couldn’t have chosen a better way to introduce themselves to the world”
Friday, December 14, 2007
If you want to get your hands on a copy of 'The Average White Boy' I am reliably informed that you can do so by clicking here:
1st Review of 'Average White Boy'
Well, the first one I've seen at least!

Thanks to the good people of Whisperin and Hollerin!
New Single Out......NOW!!!!
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
We are very, very, VERY pleased to announce that we have finally got our act together and recorded a single - priase be! This is the very first recording to feature an entirely Loqui line-up and we're very pleased with the results. The tracks are The Average White Boy and Round and Round, the latter a very new track having only been peformed live twice.

If you'd like to hear the results for yourself, and we very much hope you will, then click on the PayPal link from this site to order a copy, or come and see us after one of our upcoming gigs, to be announced soon.
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Please note: we have now sold out of copies of "I Can't Believe It's Not Better" so please don't try to order it from the site. We shall try to make further copies available for download from...oh, I don't know.... iTunes or somewhere in the near future.

Those of you desperate for some tunes keep your eyes peeled for a very special announcement, coming soon...