Hermes Pan - out now!
Loqui's debut single Hermes Pan was released on Monday 13 July 2009 via Sturdy Records. You can buy it on iTunes, listen on Last FM or order the gorgeous 7" vinyl here.

"A band usually associated with musical flamboyance, this release seems to signal that Rob Chapman is taking Loqui down a radically different boulevard .... an intoxicating celebration of dance ... Prepare to be surprised" - Vibrations

"Precisely played and perfectly recorded stuff emerges, some months later, to gasps of astonishment and glee. Newborn "Hermes Pan" is brim full of breathless incident and romantic adventurism ... you won't hear anything like this anywhere else." - Whisperin and Hollerin 8/10

"A spark of genius/madness that sends them well away from the wrong targets ... a certain theatricality in them, not so much West End or Brechtian but the low rent glamour of early B-52s and Sparks" - Sweeping the Nation

"A very English take on indie pop sensibilities ... great stuff" - Jumbo Records

"Driven along with a militaristic beat, those shimmying guitars and the soulful voice at the centre, Loqui are an enjoyable treat" - Subba-Cultcha

"A surprisingly jazzy little gem ... the kind of song you should learn in order to shag women." - Gash fanzine